Should I start being more of a douche to people?

I moved to a new area a year ago. i still have no friends and I am not talking to any girl. It might be because I'm too nice. should I stop trying to make friends and just be a douche and focus on school or what?


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  • Yes, being a jerk to people will help you make friends. Of course! You're too nice! That's *definitely* why you still have no friends.

    I'm sure that you're putting yourself out there all the time, offering to go places with people and being interested in their lives. But that isn't working because you're *too nice*. Right. Be a dick and see how many friends you have.

    • You right I should just be a douche. it is so much easier

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    • Me? Sarcastic? Never, darling. How crass.

    • I love Nicki Minaj! How did you know?

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  • Did you I st say that, "you have poopy"?


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  • You'll be so aloneee

  • I would go up to a friendly peroson and just start talking to them in class you may after ask them to study with them and they might intruduce you to their friends but being a douche will not help you because then people will not take you seriusly.

  • This question makes no sense. You think people will want to be your friend more if you were an asshole?

    • Do the opposite of what I'm doing now

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