Does age matter?

My boyfriend and I are a little over 5 years in age and while most people don't seem to be bothered by it, I do get the occasional "he's too old" "you're too young" "what do you even have in common". My age has never been a problem for us but I'm wondering if age really does matter in a relationship?


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  • You're both fully grown adults here.
    Me and my guy have a almost 9 year age difference.
    Keep in mind we met when I was 20 and he was 28/29.

    If you both have a lot incommon and he treats you right,
    why let age be the determining factor?

    Would your friends rather you be with a guy your age,
    who treats you bad.
    Or someone a little older that treats you right?

    5 years isn't an age difference to sneeze about.
    Yes, he's a little older.
    But not so much so that you can't relate to one another.

    Don't worry about what your friends say.
    Enjoy the guy you are with.


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  • So, you are both between 5 and 6? Do your parents let you play alone? That was a way of saying, be careful how you write your questions! Although most will understand you mean there is a 5 year age difference, it does not read that way. It is sort of funny to read.

    Having said that, some women can handle that difference well, so it is up to you.

  • Fu** yes... Age does matter

    Its like when people say 'looks don't matter' even thouhh that's complete bullsh**

  • if your happy who cares what they think. my mum and dad are 7 years apart they are 40 years happily married.

  • So I'm guessing a 12 year old girl dating a 45 year old guy is okay then...

    • That's not what I said at all? If both people are of age, aren't being manipulated in any way, and it isn't a problem to them, should it matter to outside parties?

    • In your case, it's okay as it's hardly much of an age difference.

      However the sayings 'age doesn't matter' or 'age is just a number' are retarded. As it implies it's it's now okay to date babies while being an aging man.

    • If age is just a number, then jail is just a room.

  • Sometimes it should matter.


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  • Age does not matter but it needs to be legeal