Ex girlfriend saying she misses me?

My ex girlfriend and i broke up two weeks ago. I left her by mistake and still love and care for her a lot. She is seeing a new guy but she told me they are just friends. Kinda rubbing the new guy in my face. But she is posting pictures of them together. Now she texts me and asks if i want to hang out with her, the new guy and one of her friends. But she is not dating the guy yet. I told her i already had plans and she asked if im free the next weekend because she wants me to hang out with then and i said sorry i can't. Next day she texts me asking me if she can be honest. I said sure go ahead. And she told me she misses me. But i just act like i didn't care and moved on. But it hurts to move on because i love her so much. More than anything. I dont know what to do..


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  • I reckon she's bitter you dumped her, you should be careful.


What Girls Said 1

  • You did the right thing. You will fall in love again.