Is it too soon to say "I Love You"?

I have been dating my girl for 3 months now, and I know that what we have is special, we talk daily, never bore of each toher, can confide in each other, and we both motivate each other to continue bettering ourselves, I know 3 months is early but I can totally see myself spending the rest of my life with this woman. However she never says that she loves me, and I don't know if it's "too soon" for me to say it lol... thoughts?


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  • It's never too soon and it's never too late
    (If we are speaking about the norm)---which usually takes a person months --years to develop the feeling of love.

    I think you should tell her how you feel

    But bare it mind she may not feel the same.

    Don't down yourself.
    You haven't done anything wrong.

    People love at different times.
    What took you a few months... might take her several more months or years to feel the same way.

    Sometimes... she may never feel as powerfully as you do.

    ((There's even a chance that she feels exactly the same, but hasn't said it yet)).

    You take a chance when you put your feelings out there.
    Whatever response she gives you , just be prepared.

    I'm glad you found the girl for you.
    But just don't get hurt if she doesn't feel the same way exactly when you do...
    just give her time.


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  • I believe in open and honest communications. If you feel that you love her, tell her and then tell her that you don't have any expectation that she will say the same thing back to you. When she says that to you, it is important to know that she is not saying it because she thinks that it is expected.


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  • I am curious as to why you believe 3 months is too early? If you have a great relationship and you feel it both in your gut, heart and head, then why not go for it? If you love the girl and you know she loves you back, and it seems that way from what you saying above, then go for it. Good luck to the both of you.

  • Eh, my boyfriend started saying he loved me after only one or two months. It was too soon for me to say the same but I made myself say it anyway because I didn't want him to think I disliked him or anything. It wasn't until five or so months in that I started saying I loved him and actually meant it.
    Basically, if your heart feels it, let it be known. Just don't expect her to feel the same right away.

  • If that is truly what you feel then go for it.


What Guys Said 2

  • Nah 3 months is good, its actually perfect

  • Dont wait, or someone else will take your place.
    Say it as soon as possible.