Should I stay with him?

So there is this guy named Jake. I have been getting to know him and I like him so much. But there is a problem. Over a year and a half ago, he lost his girlfriend to ovarian cancer. When I first brought up dating to him, he told me he wasn't ready to start one up again and we ended up just being friends... then one night he was acting like he liked me in front of his friends by putting his arms around me, kissed me cheek, which all his friends saw, and even kissed me goodnight. I asked him about it, and he basically apologized for kissing me and told me that he doesn't have enough affection for me to start a relationship. And after that, I didn't talk to him for a month, and out of the blew he texted me seeing how I have been doing and to see me. And ever since then, when we hang out we talk so much more and has even opened up about how hard it was losing his g/f.. and now we cuddle and kiss.. and I guess what I'm trying to ask is, should I wait around despite what happened to him and give him time to date me? Or should I call it off?


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  • Ya give him time. Let him start building his feelings up.

    Good Luck,

    -Harvey D


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  • i'd say he's very unsure of his feelings, feeling lonely, and afraid/not ready to wade into deeper waters. if you move quickly, you'll end up as a kind of ... rebound.