Is it okay to date a younger male? I'm 26, he's 21.

I'm 26 and the guy I'm dating is 21. I was wondering how people feel about a woman being older. Thanks :)

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  • Yes it is ok.Both of you are of legal age and two consenting adults.Plus,5 years is not that big of an age gap.As long as neither of you let age become an issue by making it into an issue,you're doing nothing wrong

    • True! 5 years isn't that bad haha! Thanks :)


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  • I'll tell you something,there's an old saying:"LOVE has no AGE",that's explains a lot but if you want me to be more specific,I'll tell you something else,when two people like each other they don't care about age,unless of course,one of them is a minor and they could have trouble with it,but if he likes you and he's dating you it's because he found something in you he couln't find on any women of his own age,so,there's nothing to worry about.Hope being helpful and rate if you like the answer.

    • Wonderful answer! Thank you :)

    • Uh well it's not wise for like a 30 year old to date a minor , but it's not illegal [or more specifically someone under the age of consent.] sexual contact is obviously illegal though.

What Girls Said 4

  • Pretty much, when you hit your 20's, a 5-year difference isn't much of a problem. I had a friend in the same situation, where he was 21 and his girlfriend was 26, and their relationship was fine.

    Granted, because I'm 17, I'd only date a person close to my age. That might change next year when I go to college, though.

  • If you like him then you should date him. I think people put too much on this age issue. Who cares about the age do what makes you happy!

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I wouldn't do it myself, but that is because I'm only twenty, and that's about the age where guys finally start to mature. Going below that would be weird for me. But if I were 26, I'd date a twenty one year old. My current boyfriend is 21, and he's very mature and responsible!

    • Great answer! I had always thought younger men were all immature, but he proved me wrong! :)

  • It's the same gap with me and my partner (same age too) and it's perfect ☺️