Going to see hot lesbian girl from dating site?

So I've met a girl online, she's smart, beautiful, knows what she wants, independent has a job and were the same age 20. Yet, I dont have anything to offer her. I have been honest and said i dont have a job, i dont do much but travel and make music and write songs. But other then that, thats all i do really.. im not all that good looking and yet she still wants to meet. Im terrible at making conversation, i dont want there to be an awkward moment at all. What do i say? How do i approch her? This is my first time going on a date with a girl.. am i meant to pay? Lol im girl


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  • Be more confident in yourself. What you have to offer is a great personality and the potential for a great relationship. If she knows all that about you and still wants to meet then she obviously finds something good about you. I would say you would both pay equally. Just say hey, give her a hug maybe?

  • If she knows what she wants then it looks like she wants you, she might be looking for someone spontaneous and exciting if she's working all the time. Be yourself!