Is this normal for 2 year dating anniversary?

Yesterday was my boyfriend and my 2 year dating anniversary. He just got me flowers which was nice. Last year I got him a card and some clone. He asked why I got him a card. So this year I didn't get him anything. He doesn't wear his clone and he has basically everything he needs. But last year he said happy 1 year I'm glad I'm with u. But this year he didn't say anything. I said happy 2 years baby m sure u forgot. Love you.. And all He said was love u too n didn't forget. Later that night asked why he didn't say anything and He said next year we ain't doing this cuz it stops after 2 years cuz it's just another day. He meant as him buying, me flowers n etc. I don't know if e was joking or what. But he's not one to be very intimate. Is this normal for guys to be when, it's juat their 2 year DATING anniversary? We have been fighting lately to so that Could be why


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  • its normal.