What are albanian women/culture like?

I really like this albanian girl but I don't know much about albania or anything about it's culture.

What are albanian women generally like? I get the feeling they are conservative and wait for marriage types. Is albanian culture against like casual sex? Do women usually wait for a serious relationship before sex? I ask this not because I wanna have sex with her but because I'm a christian and wondering if they similar views to sex as I do

Would many albanian girls marry someone who isn't albanian? I know you will say it depends on the person, but I mean would they be pressured to marry someone albanian? I know this is true for some other cultures like indian women or arab women.

No nice bullshit please, tell me the honest truth straight up


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  • Like every other slavic girl. Its the guys that are awful though.

  • Not all Albanians are the same. As an Albanian myself I am not conservative and definitely not a marriage type lol I don't want to get married. Albanian culture is against that but Albanians that have been raised outside Albania have more likely different views on it. Personally I would not wait for a serious relationship before sex. If I married someone that person would definitely not be albanian or even have a relationship. It depends on her personality. Sadly most Albanian girls are not open minded , rebellious or independent , so they listen to their parents, I guess I am a n exception. Well good luck with that girl.


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