How do you deal with mixed messages from a guy? how do you know if he really cares?

It's too long to explain but he can be so caring some days and other days not care at all it seems. He lets me taxi home at 2:30 in the morning all alone and then other days he will walk me home himself when I am really drunk etc etc. I just don't get it... also we have sex all the time but even if we are not having sex he always wants to hang out and it just confuses me whether or not he cares.

LONG STORY SHORT. How do you determine if a guy actually cares about you? especially if it's early on the relationship ( a month)


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  • Sounds like me when I don't like her but I like her sorta. Maybe I don't know kind of.


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  • drop him now.


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  • LET ME KNOW WHEN U FIND OUT! u gotta ask him tho thats the only way i know but in person