What do guys think of girls who have sex on the first date?

I went on a date with this guy. It had been awhile for me not having sex. I didn't see it coming until after our first meeting point. We went to the movies then drinks afterwards. Drinks were not part of the plan. I had 2 beers, and I am a social drinker. So, no I wasn't intoxicated. He just seemed cool and we went back to his place. Things happened. The next day he texted, and everyday since then. Does he like me? Am I just a "booty call"? What should I think of this, if anything at all?


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  • It depends on the guy. Some guys might use you as a "booty call", others won't be so cold. Personally I wouldn't think any less of her, because it takes two to tango.


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  • The fact that he's still texting you makes it seem that he likes you, at least as a "friend with benefits." If he asks you out on another real date, then you know he likes you as more.

    Personally, I'd totally respect a girl who does whatever she feel likes on a first date--I'm not judgmental in that sense--but if I were the guy, I don't think I'd pursue a serious relationship with her. The best of luck to you.

  • Without going all political correct..

    I would think easy girl... not relationship material... boty call.

  • For him to continue to contact you seems like he is certainly interested. Honestly, it probably happened because the moment felt right. Don't stress over it.


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