Latinas: would you date a white guy that didn't speak Spanish?

por que me gusta Latinas lindas, pero no se Espanol :(


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  • that the only sentence you know in Spanish?

    My cousin's wife is from Colombia. He didn't know any Spanish when they started dating, which didn't bother her at all. He learned it slowly by spending time with her and her family/friends though.

    • After working in the fast food industry for a year with Mexicans in Cali, one year of Spanish in high school, and one semester of Spanish in college .....yeah, that's pretty much all I remember how to say :( --but at least I got the pronunciation down to a science and don't sound like a gringo when I talk

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    • When I learn languages I learn them really fast, but as soon as I stop using it I lose it. I even just took ASL for a full year and got two A's but already forgot 90% of it.

    • I just took ASL too. That's a tough one to remember because you're not going to think of how to sign something unless you practice it. Spoken languages will just pop into your head if you've studied them long enough.


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  • Uh yeah. As long as I liked him as a person and he respected and tried to understand my culture.

  • if he likes me and I like him and everythink is cool...then obviously yes

  • Of course I would, as long as I like him :p haha


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