How to talk to my crush?

So I like this guy an don't know how to talk to him ! We were friends wen we were like 4-5 years old (don't remember much from them) anyways so a couple of years back we became friends on FaceBook... We have like had small talk and wished each other merry Christmas and other holidays n stuff but they are only short convos... From what I know he is single... im really good friends with he's big brothers ( they are like brothers to me too ) but I really like him and have no idea how to start or keep a convo going... What should I do?


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  • Just ask him how he's been or what he's been up to this summer. He'll ask you the same and it's as easy as that. Then you can either ask more questions or comment on what he already said. If you both want to talk to each other, holding a conversation shouldn't be too hard


What Girls Said 1

  • Start by talking to him in a friendly way, and then proceed to throw him flirty remarks.