I like this girl, but what can I say to get back to talking with her?

Damn i think i f*cked up,.. girl i been talking to for like a good month, we went out, text and call every now and then, good vibes... one time i texted her, then called her,.. no response,.. the next week i texted her once, no response.. texted her once the next week to see if she was alive or somethin, no response, in my head im thinking she was just not interested and moved on without being upfront about it, i have those experiences with other females so its kinda natrual i wouldve thought of that,.. so the next week i did one last text sayin,.."hey if u wasn't interested u couldve at least said somethin instead of going ghost, its disrespectful, but it was kool talkin to u" that was it i was done and moved on, a week and half later i get a text from her sayin "well damn, someone been in they feelings lately, i was outta town and didn't bring this phone, i had my laptop, but okay, adios u ain't gotta contact me no more" im like WTF, its actually hard to believe, what can i say to bounce back and get back on track with her? If she's tellin the truth


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  • You don't want to be on track with someone that can't mention they were going out of town after talking a whole month with you THEN can't understand why you would be hurt after being IGNORED all those attempts to be nice.

    So forget her. That said, most people are worn out & grumpy facing the real world & problems like yours (even if their own fault) upon returning from fantasyland. If she recovers, reviews the evidence, has a heart (I wonder) and then DOES THE RIGHT THING = calls/texts you w/apology, only THEN would I forgive, forget, apologize in return that you should not have reacted so harshly and suggest a new beginning with dinner out - you'd love to hear ALL about her trip


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  • You handled the situation down to the letter and didn't do anything wrong. It was wrong and disrespectful of her to not let you know that she was going out of town. She had stopped being interested in you when she stopped texting, so now that you've pointed that out, she became defensive and tried to throw it back in your face to make you feel bad about it. She most likely isn't telling the truth and I suggest you look for someone who will pay better respect to you.


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  • just give her space.


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