He replied with the feeling is mutual, what does he mean?

i have been in 2 dates with a guys that i being talking for more than 3 weeks. we hit it off instantly and we did get intimate. he daily checks on me and thought i should resiprocate and texted me with a pic of mine in a playfull way and with a caption thinking of you. so he answer was the feeling is mutual, is it a proper answer? and does he mean it?


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  • Mutual means the same... so he most likely thinks the same as you do. Some guys (honestly, I've done it) just say it to avoid conflict. If you've met him in person, maybe. A guy who gets intimate RIGHT in the beginning (especially 3 weeks) sounds like he just wants you to drop your pants. Plus, he wants you to "reciprocate" with a picture of you? It seems like he just wants to date you for nudes and have your panties off. But, he could really care about you. Use your gut instinct.


What Girls Said 1

  • it means he is too.