Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 months now and still haven't kissed is it bad?

I mean he has kissed me on the top of my shoulder, head and forehead but hasn't on the cheek or lips and we have been dating for two months should i be worried? he's also a pretty shy guy should i make the move or wait til he does at least on the cheek?

  • make the move myself and be worried
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  • wait for him to make the move and not be worried
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  • It's only bad if you want it to happen and it doesn't. So make the first move if you want to kiss him.

    So C: make the first move and don't be worried because it's entirely normal for girls to initiate things.


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  • Don't be worried, he is just shy.. Help him out

  • look if you want to kiss him, it's hot as fuck if you kiss him first if the girl leans in, but then again he might just want the power role and plays the waiting game :P


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