How to Know if Someone Wants to be Your gf?

Good morning y'all
I need help! Recently a friend from college has been contacting me, asking how my summer went and all these things, and then she says stuff like "I want a boyfriend who will cook for me and work out." She knows i enjoy botht hose things very much...
Then she sends me photos in short shorts she just bought... and told me she was about to go underwear shopping...
then we started talking about bathrobes and she said " We shall buy matching robes and go to the dining hall together and show bitches we are fine people"

we were talking about clothes and i told her "I should become a fashion designer that way i can get amazing clothes for cheap." to which she replied "You should so i can become your model."

She also kept bringing up the fact that her boyfriend and her split up and asked who i was seeing...
I don't know maybe i am reading to far into things but... this seems pretty obvious!!!

I don't know if i like her though... help? just want to know if she likes wants to be my girlfriend...


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  • If they ask you if you want to be their boyfriend.
    Honestly, those examples are things female friends do with each other.. and nobody expect the other to be lesbian and hitting on them.

    • Alright... I just didn't think a girl would be that straight forward

      Do you think she is just really friendly and comfortable?

      She keeps sending me photos of her trying on new clothes glasses etc
      She also mentioned how she wants to date a guy who is 6ft... She knows I am 6ft...

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    • Ok, I'm so full now, need to pee... but before I go.. the tea leaves said "inconclusive" :/ sorry buddy

    • Glad I could help lol

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  • She seems to like you and the only way to find out for sure is to go for it


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  • She likes you. Now you just have to figure out if you like her. If you don't, be honest with her. If you like her, it's a good time to ask her out.

    • thats what i am trying to decide... i will ask her out on a date when i get back to university =)

  • She likes you, there is no doubt. Find out if she wants a new boyfriend, friend with benefits or just a one night stand. Also, you need to know if you like her.

    • the last part is the hardest, i think i do...
      also, i think she wants a boyfriend although she mentioned to me a few months ago how she enjoyed being single, so she is a bit confusing!
      thanks for your help =)

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    • Amy you are so wise and pretty :)

    • Awww, you're making me blush, handsome boy <3

  • oooh yes!!! she has the hots for you... go for it..

  • Tell her you want to do nice things for her like going on dates holding her hand and giving her explosive orgasms. If that doesn't do it I don't know what will.

    • Haha I have already talked about taking her out...
      But I don't know if she views me as more than a friend 😔

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    • I think asking her 'what do you think about us' is much riskier lol 😂

    • Both are risky and potentially awkward situations, but I wish you the best!!


    • lol! i thought so!!!
      but she always seemed to be flirty with me, but before i was friends with her boyfriend...

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    • Also he dropped out so
      He will not be at uni anymore

    • Ohh good xD

  • Omg!! She likes you! It's SO obvious. 😂😂😂

    • Haha omg! Idk!
      We were really close friends and talked about everything and anything with each other...

      Also when we met she had a boyfriend...
      Now she is single and I don't know what to do!

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    • Awww!!! :D :) good luck!

    • Thanks! I need it 😅

  • Maybe just ask her out on a proper date so she knows that you want to take things further? It seems like she is trying to be flirty haha goodluck

  • She likes you.

    • Thanks! i am glad to hear it again!
      i need a lot of reassurance :)

      i can't wait to see her in about a week!

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