How can I tell if he likes me as female friend or something more?

I'm very attracted to him. I have a hard time hanging out with him without feeling sexual tension. It has been well over a month since I last saw him. He texts me good mornings when he gets to work for almost 2 weeks. Sort of driving me nuts, I feel like I should cut him off. Advices?

Last time I saw him, I got buzzed, went home & e-mailed him that I liked him but since he had a girlfriend at the time, I told him I'll just 'see him around'. My intention of the e-mail was to let him know why I'm cutting him off.
I know he read the email because he keeps in touch with me more nowadays (behavior change) but he didn't address the issue (ignored email), it's an obvious rejection. So,he just wants to be friends? but I have a hard time doing that due to sexual tension.


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  • why would you do that if you like him that much you should tell him how you feel but explain it in away he can understand if he does not like you the sameway you can still be freinds don't do that because it will make him feel like he did something to hurt you. peace


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  • ok that makes since but no reason you can't be freinds still


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  • Does he still have a girlfriend? If he does, he is obviously not wanting to act on whatever he might be feeling for you because of her. I'm in a similar situation because this guy I like has a girlfriend. We had a brief fling (no sex) but then we both decided to end it since he had a long term girlfriend. But, we work together and there is always sexual tension. Its so obvious he likes me but can't act on it. Its so hard. If your guy has a girlfriend, that explains his behavior. If not, then its hard to say what he is thinking but maybe just give it time.

    • Idk if he still has a gf, I don't bring up that subject anymore since I don't want to hear anything about his gf. This feeling is almost bittersweet. I can't be with him but I never really had this strong attraction with anyone before. Nothing ended because nothing was ever started.