How do I get to know her?

I live in small town and i go to this place a lot ( its a supermarket ) its really big and has lots of workers everytime i go there i catch some girl looking at me and i really dont have a problem with that but something a little weird happened lately , as i was buying stuf with my frinds i noticed a hot cashier ( auburn hair and green/blue eyes and really pretty ) eyeing my from afar i thought she was attractive as well so i looked few times and she has been staring at me the whole time... so it was time to pay and i went to where she was working she looked really excited and can't wait until we reach her , but we forgot something and had to go get it , when we came back some other guy had taken our place i was like " yeah thats fine lets wait" but the cahsier girl asked if we would like to pay before the guy ( she was already checking his stuff ) i was like "nah its fine" ... when we got to her and i took out my wallet to pay ( she's been looking at me all this time) i gave her euros instead ( got back from france recently ) and she was like "sorry but this is the wrong money " i laughed and gave her dollars and told her i ahd some euros from my last trip and she said " mhmmmmm " seductively... the next time i went there she kept looking at me the whole time never taking her eyes off me staring at every inch of my body, my friend was like " she must be so fascinated by you she can't keep her eyes off " ... i wanna ask her out but first get to know her and establish somekind of a connection so how do i go about that? ask her whats her name , add her and chat her up and know more? its seems to work cause at work i can't really talk to her.


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  • ask for her number.


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  • Say something funny that will make her b laugh and then start of from there. You could comment on something about her. Should not really be a compliment, most guys do that and she might be used to that from where she works. Just something or off the blue. She will say something back and then conversation starts. Hope this works