Girls, How much attraction do you have for him?

You know a Guy named Greg for a short period.

In a conversation about Greg, you say to your friends " I find Greg Handsome", but you don't tell Greg that you find him handsome.

Later one of your friends tells Greg , that you find him handsome. So when you talk to Greg later, you tell him " You are handsome".

In this case how much percent sexual attracion do you have for Greg?

  • I am 0 % sexually attracted to Greg.
    29% (2)
  • I am 20 % sexually attracted to Greg.
    0% (0)
  • I am 40 % sexually attracted to Greg.
    0% (0)
  • I am 60 % sexually attracted to Greg.
    57% (4)
  • I am 80 % sexually attracted to Greg.
    14% (1)
  • I am 100% sexually attracted to Greg.
    0% (0)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not a matter of percentages. It's a matter of absolutes. And definitions. Handsome attraction = physical attraction. Physical attraction =/= sexual attraction. They are two different things and not very easily compared.

    • Thanks :) So if you find a guy handsome, how would you ever get sexually attracted to him?

    • No.

      Not unless he also has a quality that makes him sexually attractive.

    • what is that quality that makes a hot guy , sexually attractive?

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd need to actually see this person to be able to tell.