Does this mean I have feelings for him?

Me and my crush have had an on again off again thing but he mainly treats me badly and said he basicallt would only want to have sex with me. Anyway I went clubbing last night and I was slightly tipsy but not bad and my friend said she saw him but I looked for ages and I couldn't find him and then I got really upset and went to the toilets and started hysterically crying! And now today I feel really low and I don't know why just hearing his name made me react like that. Does this mean I have feelings for him or im more attached to him than I think?


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  • mmm obviously this means that you have some feelings to him but maybe it isn't love thing maybe you are just angry because you wanted him and he refused your forwardness maybe this hurt your feelings and dignity so you are putting a huge pressure on yourself to get him to like you back as much so you can prove to yourself that you are good enough.. and let me tell you if so then you are wrong you are still young and you will met tons of men in your life and be sure that you will get your chances with whoever you chose.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should forget about him. He sounds like an asshole to me.