He keeps asking me to hang out yet we never do?

I met this guy on Facebook (we have tons of mutual friends and he thought he had met me and added me..but we never have met). We started talking a lot back and forth and it was a lot of getting to know you stuff. I gave him my number and he texts me almost everyday or at least every other day.. but when he texts me it's not getting to know you stuff.. just the boring "hey what's up?" stuff.. he's asked me to hang out and I said yes. we talked about getting coffee.. we set a day but then it never happened. the day rolled around and he asked me to go hang out with a group of his friends and I said no because I felt a little shy to go around a bunch of people I don't know (I haven't even met him!). which I thought was weird, because I thought we had planned for coffee that day but whatever. then we talked about doing it another day and our town had a huge snow storm and their was tons of ice! I was stuck in my house...however, he didn't even contact me about things. instead, he texted me the next day and did the whole "hey what's up?" thing. in the convo he said to let him know if I wanted to hang out this weekend...?

what the heck is this guy doing? is he not serious about all this? and if not, why does he keep texting me/asking me to hang out? it's not like we've ever even met!