Dating a bad texter and over analysis?

Started seeing a girl beginning of the summer; during are first dates I came to realize she is not a great texter; usually takes ages to respond, and very occasionally doesn't respond at all. I had a few dates then she left for a couple months of vacation. She came back and we got together soon thereafter. We had dinner, caught up, and fooled around a bit. I felt like it was a pretty good date, and at the end of the night she said she would see me soon. First missed text happens and I automatically start stressing out thinking I blew it. I've experienced the ignored text as a means of ending things before; so does this sound like insecure paranoid ramblings?


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  • you're just being paranoid.


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  • You're over thinking it. People don't say things like 'I'll see you soon' if they don't have to. Just calm down a bit, texting isn't everyone's thing and maybe she enjoys a phone call better.