I'm friends with this guy and I kind of like him.

I am good friends with this guy, (yeah really bad already huh?), and I used to go out with him on and off. Now two years later he is acting interested again. But this time he is acting different. Last time he was being obvious about it and now he isn't. He looks at me whenever I'm not looking at him. We are really good friends so I even tell him about guys and he tells me about girls. When I talk about a guy he acts defensive. So ya, I think he likes me. But the problem is that I don't want to screw up our friendship. It took two years to get to this I don't want to throw it away in a few weeks. So guys, what are some signs that he's not just looking for a fling. At least more than a week would be nice.


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  • honestly if you feel really close to him try sitting him down and let him know how you really feel. don't jump right into it but build it. like ask him what he thinks of the friendshi.p you two have together or would he ever see you as more than a friends again. just come out and let him know these things so you don't live your life wondering or so things don't get more complicated.its better to know were you both stand,.best of luck


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  • he could just b lookin at you thinkin about what he had and lost. reminiscing, in other words. at least that happened with me when I thought I was going in the right direction to gettin this girl but turns out I was all wrong and now when I look at her I have an odd pang in my mind and heart thinkin about what happened. but who knows could b a totally different thing


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