My boyfriend wants to have babies with me?

But the problem is I'm only turning 18 and he's 19, He always talks about us together having a baby and he really wants it soon and I feel happy when he's saying that because he can see the future with me but we're too young and I'm not ready yet, He came from a wealthy family and I don't so I want to achieve my goals for the future and I want him to finish his school and be a doctor. And now I'm scared whenever we're having sex. He doesn't even think what might happened if I got pregnant bc he knows that he can provide the money. And I'm scared either of broken families because that's what happen to me. Advice please.


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  • I am not trying to be a dick here, but I am tired of seeing young mothers. You're 18... LIVE YOUR LIFE! Go to college, get a degree, get a career, travel a bit, see the world... and THEN talk about having kids. You and your boyfriend at 18 & 19... not to sound like a dick (sorry if I am coming off as one), but young love doesn't last forever. Who knows... you and your boyfriend could be together for a long time... or you two can get into a huge fight and the relationship will be over, leaving you as a young, single mom. I've seen this scenario happen many times.

    Wait it out, see where you are your boyfriend are in about 7 years... and if you are still together, talk about having kids again. If he cannot respect your wishes to wait a big longer, he is not the one for you.


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  • Your boyfriend is an idiot. Better stay away from him tbh. People who are desperate for babies so soon are not right in the head.


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  • you have an opinion and you have power too do NOT let him decide. if you are not okay with it MAKE him care, MAKE him use a condom MAKE him understand you are not ready.

    rich or not you are a person you have the right to decide too

  • Your boyfriend is stupid , lost and lowlife teenager.


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  • Your boyfriend is not being realistic. Next time he brings it up, assure him that you want children one day, and then tell him why you both need to wait. Regardless of money, most 18 and 19 year olds are not mature or stable enough to raise a child.