Am I being played?

I met this girl online on a dating site, says she lives close, we talk over the last couple of days. She tells me things like how she loves to wear lacie thongs from Victoria secret, how much she wants to cuddle with me. So today we're talking and I don't know if spooked her or if she is just all out playing me. I ask what she was doing b4 work and she says making dinner and just relaxing (she works nights) and i ask if she wants to come cuddle before work. Her reply is i can't i have a family dinner that i have to be at, but maybe another night. I said ok maybe on one of your nights off she yes definitely with a smiley. So am i being played or did i spook her because it was out of left field?


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  • Might look like it because she keeps avoiding you.


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  • try working towards a video chat, it will prove she is who she says she is and it is harder to lie to someone face to face

    • Well we swapped numbers and when my snapchat contacts updated by matching the phone numbers to the persons snapchat username, her snapchat username is basically her name, her online profile was also her name, so i looked up her Facebook to compare all 3 and all 3 are true, so she is who she says she is


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  • she is probabably a 40 year old guy.