First kiss stories?

Hey guys! I'm just curious about how different people had their first kiss. My first kiss was with my boyfriend in front of my bus. I was shakey and nervous but it ended up just being a peck. Kinda awkward though. But otherwise it wasn't too bad :) When did you have your first kiss and how was it? Thanks! xx have a great day


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  • I had told her I had never kissed anyone in my entire life, and she was astounded and kept calling me a liar. Keep in mind she was my best friend who I had met only months prior... for the record this was at 23
    Anyways, we had a date scheduled a few days and so after all that we went on the train on the way home and she pulled me in for a hug, then spent a little bit just looking at me, then shook her head then went in to kiss me (lol I guess traditionally, I was the girl in this situation.) we kissed at her stop, and she got off saying she couldn't wait for next time then went skipping away.


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  • It was worse than I expected.


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  • i was 14 and had my first kiss with my first proper girlfriend, we were about to leave for school break and i suggested we kiss and it was amazing


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