Would you still date a girl or guy that have ever self harmed themselves?

I have been bullied since 1st grade because of how I look and I'm anti social, and I don't fit in, and I have a history of self harm, but I stopped and now I regret it, and everyone I met judge me cause of it.


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  • i feel you would need to find someone who understands. or if said self harm is unnoticeable then don't mention it. the past is the past so take a lesson from dogs and kick some grass over that shit and keep on keepin on


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  • They are all wrong to judge. I know both my brother and I would certainly date someone like this. They would hopefully get to trust me enough to tell me what had happened to cause this self harming. It would be part of my love for them to try and guide them further away from the trauma that caused it.

    Self harm is nothing to be ashamed of once you've stopped, and people really shouldn't judge as they've most probably never been in that situation and just don't understand.


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  • I would date a guy who has, yes. I don't understand why it matters? Personally, I don't think a past matters. We don't live in it anymore. And scars just tell stories your mouth can't speak. It doesn't mean it's a good thing though. I'm Glad you stopped.😊👏🏼 and nobody has the right to judge anyone. It's the assumptions. Maybe they should ask, before they start making up stories.😋