Good hobbies to pick up and help?

I am a 24 year old college student. Have not had a girlfriend been on a couple dates, but they have not gone anywhere far. Then there are the girls that I get there number call them a few times and then they stop answering (don't know what I am doing wrong!). What do I need to do to get past these steps. One of the girls that has done what I described above is a girl that I am really attracted to and I am willing to keep trying for now at least to get her attention.

I am trying to figure some hobbies that I can pick up that can help me use as topics (right now I am only really good at music and computers)?


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  • Tip, get off the computer and go hang out with people, and build up your social skills. As for the good hobbies, you might try learning how to play an instrument, or learning to dance. Both are incredibly sexy to women. Another thing you could do to just get out and meet women is try learning how to cook, go to a cooking class. Knowing how to cook is sexy and you are likely to pick up some quality chicks at the classes you attend.


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  • I may not be of good advice, but just to let you know I'm in your situation too, I'm a 22 year old guy and still have not had a girlfriend.