Date went really well but not sure if he still likes me?

I went on a date with this guy and it went really well, he was quite shy and laid back which made me think he wasn't so interested but I think that was just his personality. We kissed and he wouldn't stop kissing me, kept touching my face , holding hands, etc. anyway I messaged after saying thanks and was finally nice to to meet up, he said it was real nice and that we should of met up earlier. Anyway I'm off to Canada in a week which he's obviously aware of so won't have to seek him until after that time because we're both busy this week. We're still talking and it's fine but I keep instigating conversation, I know he is really laid back but I can't tell whether he actually likes me or not. Shall I just stop messaging for a while and see if he makes a effort, I know we don't have to message all the time I just think it would be nice if he tried more. He has said to me this is the first date he's been on a while so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, do do you think he likes me? Ha thanks x


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would definitely ignore him a while. If he's actually interested in a relationship he will get back at you. Don't seem not interested though, keep your texts interesting so he doesn't think youve lost interest, but do wait for him to come to you.

  • Lol, my parents will be in Canada In a week too, their 30th was yesterday, and they go to niagra on the lake every year, for it, it had to be next week because it was the only time they could get the place for, otherwise they'da gone this week. Must be a busy time for canda, eh?

    • This has not answered my question haha but it's nice to no your parents have been haha

    • Dude, fuck that guy, he's shit

What Girls Said 1

  • He still likes you, otherwise he wouldn't make an effort to keep in contact with you.

    • But if I'm the one making the effort messaging him after does that mean he's my that interested?

    • He still replies. However, yes. You should stop initiating for a while.