Is it too soon to ask her to homecoming?

Went on a date with a girl and we already agreed to a second date but our schedule is so busy we never have time. Anyways. We go to different schools and I want to be the one to take her to her homecoming dance, kind of like a message, back off boys. But is it too soon to ask her to a dance that is happening in 2 months? Also should I try to be sneaky? Like ask her if she is going to her dance or if she is going with anyone? Or just be bold and say I want to take you.


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  • just send her a flippant message saying 'I want to take you to homecoming :)' and see what she says. I think she will be happy if you guys are in to each other!


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  • You've only had one date with this chick. You shouldn't start selecting names for your children yet.