What should I do now?

I was talking to this guy getting along really well and then he disappeared on me ignored all my texts. It did hurt me because i just think its a horrible thing to do to make someone feel that worthless. I didn't make a fuss I just let it be. But now after two weeks his after texting me telling me he was sorry that he only got out of a relationship when we met and he was all over the place. So what am I supposed to say to that? Should I talk to him or just not reply?

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  • Ignore him. That was so rude, tacky, and completely uncalled for. He could have simply explained himself instead of putting you through all that turmoil.

    • That's what my friend's said. True if he would have just told me he wasn't in a good place I would have been fine with it and would have left him alone.

    • @Asker yeah, that was really messed up. I would recommend either ignoring him or assertively telling him "I don't appreciate you ignoring me and treating me like I'm disposable whenever you feel like it."

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  • People have other things going on in their life. There have been plenty of times where I dissapear off the grid but i'm not much of a texting person anyways. My current girlfriend gets really mad at me (infact is now) I went to a buddy's house for 2 days and forgot my charger, so I wasn't able to text her. Anyways, I just feel like everyone should be able to chill out and go off the grid sometimes. It's whatever, just pick up.


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