Why don't guys ever like me for me?

So I'm 17 and basically every guy I meet in high school just wants me for my body. Yeah, I get the hot popular guys but they always just try to play me, like I haven't been there before. I'm told that I'm very hot on a regular basis and guys make rude noises at me all of the time wherever I go. But I dress classy and I do not act provocatively. I'm actually more reserved and booksmart. I just don't understand, my friends think I'm funny and I know I'm sweet. It's just heartbreaking and I don't know what to do. I feel like everyone is out to use me now 😣😣


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  • You sound like the perfect girl and its terrible that you have to feel that way😣. My advice to you is watch the guys that you talk too!! There are guys out there that are attractive and popular enough and all that good other stuff that will treat you the way you deserved to be treated! Ya feel me? 😂 and for the guys who aren't right for you have to cut them off early and find out if they just want your body. The right guy for u is out there and he might be closer than u think just stay strong and cut them off. I hope this worked, Good luck!! 😀


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  • you're still young, you will find someone.


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  • Because you're 17 and at that age, that's what guys care about. t'hey want to experiment. -___-
    Been there.