Am I annoying my boyfriend?

I've been dating my boyfriend for a few months and everything is really great. I've noticed though that he rarely texts me first anymore. He used to text me goodmorning all the time but now I'm the one who has to be the one to text first. We see each other on the weekends due to our schedules so texting is our form of communication when we can't physically be together. I noticed today that he hardly said anything back to my texts so I left him alone for a few hours to give him space, then sent him another text and same thing hapepend. So I told him goodnight and he didn't reply.
I understand wanting time alone, I love being by myself and not being glued to my phone. I just wish he would say he isn't in the mood to talk instead of making me worry I'm being annoying. I'm going to let him text me first tomorrow if he wants to talk. I guess I'm to avaible and I really shouldn't be.


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  • He is over you or found out someone better.
    Leave him right now , maintain some self-respect of yours.

    • I seriously doubt it's that. We have a lot of plans and he just threw me a big birthday party a few days ago. If that's the case then he moved on FAST.

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  • why dont you just ask him instead of stressing out?


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