Why did my boyfriend say this?

my boyfriend and I went out to eat. we went in separate cars after work. after dinner we walked back to our cars together and he said something like this : I was very nervous like we were on a first date. I had buffer flies in my stomach and I couldn't wait to kiss you. I've know him for over a year. what was this about?


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  • He had a rush of feelings about you

    • we known each other for over a year. we made it official in march.

    • I'd say his feelings for you went up a notch

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like he's falling even more.

    • I don't understand. we're best friends. nothing has changed.

    • Something changed for him. It may not have for you but for him it did. Don't think too hard about it lol. Just enjoy being with him. Falling in love doesn't always happen all at once. Sometimes it builds. When couples are together for a while the butterflies go away. Every now n then they come back.

    • I'm not questioning it. just confused because we already say I love you. I couldn't understand where he is coming from. he even asked to carry my bag from the store. I'm sure he opened the door for me.


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  • Maybe he was feeling particularly mushy that evening. I wouldn't look into it much, probably didn't mean a whole lot.


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  • Maybe he just realized he loves you or something. It happens to people. One minute they love you, than they start thinking about why, and then they start to really love you.