Did this girl I was dating broke up with me cause I judge/made fun of her in a joking way too much?

I met this girl on okcupid. We went out on four dates. The first date we just walked around and talked about stuff. The second date, we went to the museum and went to the park afterward. Spent 11 hours together. For the third date, we went to hiking and held hand with each other at the end. For our last date, we got even closing and held hand and hold on to each other while sitting down and talk. However, during each of thoese date, I always joke around with her and stuff. Tesing her for stuff she likes and etc. Not mean but in a joking way. I also jokingly made fun of her race and stuff. And she will always laugh at what I said. The day before our fith date, after she agreeed to go to another park with me, she texted me at midnight saying after dating me for about a month, she didn't develope any feelings towards me and told me that we should see other people. A day after she broke up with me, she updated her dating profile saying with CAPS that the idea person she looking for is" someone that DOES NOT JUDGE BY THE WAY I AM, I'm very self conscious and takes things personaly." Did I mess up because I judge her and she took it personaly? If so, why did she continue to see me after the first two dates since I was still the same way. Why did she laugh when I made fun of her but still took things personaly? I feel like crap now that because of after dating me, she had to update her profile with that line. I am not trying to get back with her, I need to know my mistake so I won't make it again with another girl. Thanks for the help.


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  • Umm you mentioned that you made fun of her race. You should have done that because race is a very sensitive topic for many people.
    Some people because of negative experiences they have experienced in the past, take such things to heart and they get wounded.


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  • Girls are super sensitive to any negative remarks about them, it doesn't matter if you are joking or not.


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  • i think she took it personal.


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