How to deal with a fact that u gonna be forever alone/single?

I tried my best i can't do it anymore i give up. Now i just have to deal with that im gonna be forever alone/single or im gonna be lucky that some girl approaches me (whitch its not gonna happen but w. e) and need to mastrubate my whole life whitch sucks


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  • You don't know that, your future is unknown.


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  • Dude stfu, take a shower, cut your hair better, grow some cojones and get your ass out there again you're alive because your dad had cojones so you have genes of your father's so that means you can get laid, just wash off that pathetic vibe you're growing and start being optimistic because what's the point of living if you have no faith

    • Tried all that didn't help im ugly af and i had faith but lost it

    • When i try to talk to girls they just reject me and my friends just sit on their ass and girls just come to them and flirt with them and im like ''srsly''. I work and dont get shit , they dont do shit and get everything

    • All I'm hearing is excuses grow some balls or find them and go out instead of moaning crying here. The only one stoping you is yourself if someone doesn't show interest go to the next one just repeat there's millions of girls in this crazy planet one of them is bound to find you irresistible

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  • same literally no guys like me and im tired of trying


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  • With that attitude its no wonder you aren't getting any women. What are you 18 or something, you got your whole like ahead of you to get with people. Women and girls don't disappear after high school my friend. Seek self improvement or take up a hobby, join a group or club. Just get yourself out there and in good time something should happen.

  • Go ahead and quit the dating game, more women for the rest of us!

  • We are all we got in this world. Even when you fucking chicks/dudes. Even when you got a GF/BF. Even when you are married. You're alone. It's a one person journey. Each journey.