Guys, how do you feel the girl you like or have the biggest crush on give someone else divided attention but you?

You see her flirt or talk to another guy but you. You thought you were the only guy she was feeling or like but there other out in the sea giving her attention. How does it make you feel or how would you show her how annoy or mad about it? Would you reject her or ignore her for long period of time? Be honest.


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  • For me it always felt like a punch in the stomach. I know she doesn't owe me anything and she's free to talk to whoever she wants but makes me feel depressed. But that's just me, it's probably not true of all guys. I just have low self-esteem.

    I wouldn't reject her for it. If I ignored her it wouldn't be to punish her but because I have this tendency to hide and isolate myself when I feel depressed.


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  • I'd take it as it is and give her the same measure of attention she's giving me. No one is worthy of giving another such stress

  • Reworded your question huh? No I wouldn't ignore her.


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