How to talk to girls over Tinder?

Okay, so, let me preface this by saying, I'm a 17 year old black guy, right? I thought, considering that I'd do pretty bad, like, ya know, even if I'm a light skinned guy, I still figured people generally found us unattractive. However, as it turns out I match with usually about three or four girls a day, usually they're pretty cute too. So, my issue is, I guess, I dunno how to talk to them. I'm mostly using Timder right now for a hookup, at the very least a date, in case the girl I'm actually into rejects me, and, well, I don't know how to talk to girls there. Usually I either say something witty or ask about something from their profile and the convo goes good for a minute and then they stop replying. Like, should I just cut to the chase and ask them if they wanna hook up? Only problem is, most profiles, the girls say they don't like guys asking that right away... or was that about nudes, or both, or does it vary? Nevertheless, advice?


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  • Just message them like a friend first.


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  • You still on Tinder? After I told your ass to get off of it?

    • Well, it helps to boost my self-esteem

    • No it doesn't. Sites like that lower self-esteem.

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  • I don't know where you're at but girls love light skinned guys where I live, but back to the question.. Just talk about hobbies or something. Ask her if she watched some movie you've seen. Be funny and try not be boring.


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  • Tinder is full of drug addicts, whores, losers, and people with zero social skills.