Today he came over my house to give me a goodbye "hug" but I knew he wanted to kiss me.

So basically my boyfriend and I have been going out for a month and a couple of days and we just recently have our first kiss about three days ago. well during our first kiss I said something dumb him, but we just ended up laughing about it.

well that's not the problem... the problem is: today he came over my house to give me a goodbye "hug" but I knew he wanted to kiss me. which I was prepared to do...until he got here! all this panic just came rushing in my head and I was just freaking out. but when I hugged him I was about to kiss him, but I just told him I couldn't. and he was like its okay. I just felt so terrible. then I get a text after he leaves and he says that I killed his dreams. and I was like I'm so sorry and that he had every right to be upset. and then he called and asked me if I was mad. and I ended up telling him that I didn't want our relationship to be based on hot make out sessions (which isn't all that was wrong with me but I don't know what else it was). and he was like he understands. and we don't have to kiss again until I'm ready. so basically I feel horrible because he is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for and I just feel like I keep hurting his feelings... what should I do? how can I make it up to him? btw he's 17 and I'm 16 (hes a few months older) he's my first boyfriend too. oh yeah... he white and I'm black...if that helps.


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  • Well he's got a LOT of patience lol. But he thinks you don't feel comfortable kissing and he's willing to go at your pace. He's a great boyfriend for not pressuring you. There is absoutly nothing wrong with you. Just tell him what's going on(it sounds to me like your nervous) and I'm sure he'll understand wihout getting upset.


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  • Well, it is okay that you don't want to kiss, it's not really that big a deal. If he doesn't accept the fact that you don't want to kiss him right now, then that is the problem. He needs to respect you and what you are comfortable with. I don't think age or race has anything to do with it, you are both people, and you like/love each other. It's okay to be nervous, a lot of people are, I know that I certainly was. I hope this all works out for you :)

  • If you want to kiss him, then kiss him. If you don't then wait till you feel the time is right. He seems like a genuine guy who is willing to wait for you.. All the best :D