Is it weird that I like nerdy and not wealthy girls? does she sound attractive to you?

i went to a school filled with "basic girls" so maybe this is why i m into nerdy girls. but i'm also as basic as it gets although i'm a nerd at the same time.

first things i noticed when i met her. no makeup. hair pulled back. did she even brush/wash her hair? she still looked cute/innocent. i knew she put zero effort into looking good, which i found out was the usual for her. when we talked i learned that her favorite tv shows growing up were anime. she's into Asian food and music. she comes from the mid west, didn't go to a good school so has a hard time getting a good job.
she has a boyfriend and doesn't seem especially interested in me, altho she did seem like that at first.

would you be interested in this girl based on my description?


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  • its not weird!


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