He says he's not attached to his ex but detached from love, what should I do?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months. He's older than me and had been married 10 years ago for only a few months but they got back together this winter and broke up again. I asked him about it because even though he seems very into me and cares about me, i'm not feeling that he's open to emotionally connecting with me. He said he thought she was the love of his life and she kept breaking his heart. He said he would never get back with her and he doesn't think about her anymore/he's not attached to her whatsoever but that he is detached from love. If he's detached from love, how is he ever going to love me? I just feel frusturated because he assured me it's not my issue but he's damaged and i don't know how I could change that


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  • He's not over his ex.


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  • he's not over her yet.