Does he or doesn't he?

I started talking to this guy that I work with over the summer and we became really good friends. We hadn't talked much since school started in August but about 2 months ago we started talking a lot more. He had never really made it obvious that he likes but I really like him. He started dating someone but broke up with her about 3 weeks ago and has been texting me a lot. He makes little remarks about how if I didn't live at home with my parents he would come stay with me. He's even made several sexual comments, but he knows I'm not as experienced as he is. Every time we see each other he always waves and smiles. I text him first sometimes but if I do he always initiates the conversation. He is 8 years older than me and has a little girl but he knows that that doesn't bother me. Do you think he does or is he just playing me?


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  • The age difference and child seems like more something you should be more concerned about. He was an adult when you were TEN YEARS OLD, and he has responsibilities to his daughter and his daughters mother. Take that into consideration before you even consider a relationship with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • It seems to me like he isn't really showing signs of wanting a serious relationship. He is either looking for a rebound relationship to get him by or maybe he just wants to flirt with someone and he knows you like him. Either way, this guy sounds like bad news.