I want to do something special for my GFs bday on Wednesday when the clock hits midnight... not just a textmessage. Ideas?


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  • aww.. thats so lovely.. but i dont have any idea.. :/ maybe you could surprise her by going to her home.. with flowers or some gift..


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  • Write her a letter, handwritten, just telling her how amazing she is and stuff, maybe put a few things that remin you of her and vice versa... give it to her now and tell her not to open it until you say.
    Then send a lovely text and midnight.. but end it with something like "you can open it now"

    • Wow, thats actually really good. I like that idea.

    • Danke
      Yeah its a little something to just help her have a good start to the day; she will be reading that letter during the morning and smiling and stuff ^_^

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  • You could make up a box, putting things into it that remind you of her, maybe a handwritten letter saying how special she is, or some pics of you guys together.
    If you can, may be stay up talking to her until midnight, then as it become her birthday, send a sweet message asking her to come outside, then be waiting on the doorstep with the box and a kiss.

  • Yes bring her flowers , and show up at her house if you can't be there call her !! And play a cute song


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