I'm freaking out what does this mean?

We were texting and I said I would do a favor for him and he replyed with haha that's why I love you and then I was like I love me too, that's something else we have in common and then he was like haha and then he stopped replying but I really hope he didn't just say he loved me cuz id feel like shit that I replyed like that

I don't know if anyone cares but we are dating now haha


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  • You asshole. How do you girls not realize this shit...


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  • He probably stopped replying because he felt that the conversation was dying. I don't think you should worry about it. Initiate talking to him the next time.


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  • It's possible. Was this the first time he told you he loved you? Maybe text him back if it was, tell him you love him too, if that's how you feel.

    • No he h as said it before but it was in a big group manner like he said I love you to his mom then I joked saying I love you too and he was like I love you too then yelled to the rest of the group that he loved them too.. I never really thought about this till now..

    • I think you are ok. He probably didn't think much of it. A good idea may be to tell him when you two are alone. Strait out.

  • I don't know i think ur fine


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