Have you ever dated someone you weren't that into?

But dated them until something better came along?

This happened to me recently. I wasn't dumped for someone else but he was only into me for my looks and because I make a lot of money. He led me on knowing I was falling for him but said nothing.

  • Yes that's pretty much everyone I date. F women
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  • Yes in the past but not anymore, it's wrong
    50% (3)9% (1)24% (4)Vote
  • No that's wrong
    33% (2)55% (6)47% (8)Vote
  • No but if she's hot maybe
    0% (0)9% (1)6% (1)Vote
  • Other
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  • Hell no, I have never.

    • Yeah I think women are a little different. That doesn't mean we are better sometimes we like men for the wrong reasons but if we aren't into it we bail.

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