Guy acting mean or rude to a girl on a first date?

I met up with a guy for a 'date' or hang out. He was vacationing from out of state, and i actually drove an hour out of my city b/c i was bored. We met at some bar, outside. At first he seemed friendly, but then suddenly he stopped and kind of 'freaked out' and started acting weird. He just starting staring at me weird, and asking me if I was ok. I said im fine. Then he was acting robotic and odd- we were going to the bar- he didn't seem like he wanted to. When we walked inside- he acted weird too and walked through the bar, and people were staring at me- cuz im pretty or stand out. we went out the back and he was flailing his hands everywhere, acting nuts. I was trying to walk on the beach.. i said let's go here--he said "you want me to walk with you"? im like huh? We walked in some weird 'circle' really fast--it was crazy. Like he didn't just want to stroll and talk. Then he said "well if u dont feel comfortable or this is awkward we can stop." i said i feel fine.. are YOU ok? He said Oh yeah im fine.. not sure why i'd ask that.. I said do u feel awkward.. he said me? No! i feel great. he was still acting "weird' and stupid. then we went back to the front- i said, well let's walk down there. Then he rudely yelled IM ON VACATION AND I DONT WANT TO JUTS WALK ANYWHERE, I WANT TO JUST CHILL AND RELAX." im thinking wtf? i said ok well let's go to a restaurant.. then he said "im going BACK in the bar and u can join me if u want." I said... you're acting REALLY weird.. i mean if ur intimidated by me b/c im beautiful--guys are its ok.. but you're being rude. Then he said ok sure im weird, yeah im a weird guy. He got offended and got nasty--almost sadistic. He said yes you're beautiful. I'm a confident person. more BS ensued and i said you're a jerk and have no right treating someone this way. He did EVERYTHING to make me feel bad about myself.. or inferior. He was a geekish average guy just acting like a jerk to me.. awkward, stupid, why would he do this

he acted totally crazy- like, i duno if maybe he got a hard on when he saw me then began freaking out.. sometimes that happens with guys but he acted 'nuts' and did everything to make me feel 'weird' uncomfortable, act awkward, stupid, rude or piss me off.. it was extreme too.. we only spent ten mins together and in those 10 mins he treated me like crap.. i left upset feeling like i just got attacked by a sociopath who wanted to unleash his anger on me..


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  • It sounds like he could have been high on something to be honest. That doesn't Suns like the actions of a sane individual. But then again he could have had a few screws missing from the ole tool box as well

  • Geez too long a story, I couldn't get past the third line

    So what happened? Wanna explain it in one sentence


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  • "Have an opinion?"
    Drop him