Why did ex have to text me again?

Ex just texted me saying " I don't know if you hate me cause you didn't respond to my last few messages but i'm doing really well and i hope you are too" Before he texted he liked a few of my instagram photos a few days before texting me.

Why did he have to text me that guys? I feel so sick now Why is he telling me that he's doing good? doesn't he know that would hurt me. He texted me weeks ago a few times and i ignored. I ignored because he moved 3 weeks ago for no real reason after we dated for a year, i'm mad and hurt and i can't be his friend. :((((


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  • you seem really sensitive.

    I see nothing wrong with the texts. Other than that he probably still has feelings for you which is so damn obvious.


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  • He's trying to make you jealous for some reason as well as hurt you. Cut all contact with him, that includes blocking him on all social networks.

    • Thank you for your answer. I think so too :(


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  • Maybe he's feeling that he cause you pain and trying to fix as much as he can so you wouldn't be hurt. Maybe he thinks about your times together and expresses his nostalgia through texting you. Whatever it is it's better to block him and eliminate yourself from him so you can be released from the post-breakup pain. Guys can be plain and stupid!

  • He is an asshole.

    • Thank you for your answer. Yes :(