How long will it take her to date again?

There's this girl that I like who just got out of a 2 year relationship about a week ago- she got dumped because her boyfriend said she was not marriage material even though he still loved her. She knows that I like her and she has said she had feelings for me about 2 months ago- she cried when she said that because she felt that it was being disloyal to her boyfriend but couldn't help it. I've always suggested that we should date after her relationship and she has not disagreed or agreed when I brought it up.

Now she's finally single and I asked her how long she would take to move on 3 days after her breakup and she said years but it was a response to my joke because

i said 'a couple of days lol?' and

she replied 'more like a couple of years'

but this was only 3 days after her breakup actually less because he only moved out less than 24 hrs before that... do you think she was being serious or was she too close to the fire so she felt it will be awhile, I feel its a hint 'don't ask me out' but it was really close to when she got dumped so maybe she felt that way then but not now... what do you guys think?


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  • Well, if you want to be rebound guy, you are on the right path here. What exactly are your intentions with her? How can you think a week is any better than 3 days after a 2 year breakup?

    This is quite a can of worms and if I were you I would back off for a bit and let her grieve the breakup. If you started dating her now she will just associate you with her breakup, especially since she had some feelings for you during her relationship. She will end up feeling guilty being with you and that will be that. I don't see it taking her years to date again, but it won't be weeks either.

    • My intentions are to have a relationship with her eventually....but I feel if I wait then I will have so much more competetion..I'm thinking I should just be her rebound for sex now so noone else gets her then develop something with her in summer...can a rebound turn into something special?

    • Yikes. No, rebounds cannot turn into something special because you become completely turned off by the person. She already likes you so you already have an in with her that another guy doesn't. And, sorry, but if she jumps into something with another guy, well her feelings for you couldn't be that strong. Further, why introduce sex? That is a guy thing, not a girl thing. So, be a friend instead, not a F-buddy, and don't try and put any moves and see how it goes.


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  • I still think that she likes you but is trying to tell you that it is too soon. she dosen't wanna try and move on too soon because she obviously still has feelings for her ex (it takes girls a while to move on) especially since she dated him for a WHILE. she is scared that if she dates you so soon she might end up hurting you or it might confuse her even more because she is still trying to seperate the feelings that she had from her ex. I think she likes you just not right now...give it time. I highly DOUBT that she will move on to another guy so quick. she cares for you and respects you and wants to best for you thus she dosen't think that you seeing her in this depressed state is the best thing because it really wouldn't be a fresh start to the relationship if she is still thinking about her ex...

    **please help me and answer my most recent question**

    • She cares about me? but doesn't she also care that I might go date someone else and be off the market? I really have no idea how to approach this situation where a girl has broken up after being together with a guy for so long.

  • She was with a guy for 2 years that she was living with. I'm sure she likes you, but it's way too soon. Pressure her and she'll push you away. Just wait a little while a try again.

    • But if I wait what if she finds someone else or does somebody on the rebound?

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  • I was in the exact situation recently. I waited because she told me she wasn't ready for another relationship and doesn't know when she will be. I asked if I would be the next person she'd date but she wouldn't give me a clear answer. Then she ended up seeing another guy without having the decency to tell me who's been waiting around for her. Dumb me. I'd run the other way if I were you. Tell her you'd be happy to date her but at this point in time she has to show you something more solid than a maybe. Tell her you understand that she needs time to heal but that is no reason why we can't start taking baby steps. If she doesn't even want to take baby steps then don't even bother waiting.

  • give a couple of days maybe a week.. but don't force yourself upon her or she will just retreat.. be gentle and don't try to be the hero saving her from her down.. give her space but if you can tell she needs somebody by her side.. try to make yourself the person that is by her side