Scared no one will date me?

I'm a 17 year old guy born in Canada, with a Indian background. I wear a turban and I feel that it turns people off. I feel girls wouldn't wanna be with in public or anything. A girl once called me ugly behind my back and I feel it was because I had a turban. Not sure. After that girl got to know who I was we became friends. But I still feel that girls outside my race will never consider me an option. Also, I'm not attracted to anyone in my own race. I prefer to date out side of it. Another thing, I like to go to underground hardcore punk clubs and shows. Everybody there is white and they all stare at me. I stand out like crazy there and it's not fair. Some people are nice and some people seem like they don't wanna associate with me. When I was walking down the street to go to a gig, I saw 2 punk girls walking an the other side. One of them pointed at me with her chin while nudging her Friend and they both stared at me. Both girls stared at me. This happened twice. And when I get in the gig, everyone looks. Sometimes they are just staring straight up at my turban. I just ignore but I feel if someone stares for too long next time, I'm gunna walk up to them and say what are looking at, bub? But I don't wanna start a fight. What do I do? I don't wanna have to get rid off my turban just to fit in because that's selling out. Yet I'm not religious and I only have due to parental pressure. I'm conflicted with this identity crisis.


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  • You're find someone! Don't worry !


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  • If they wouldn't dare you because you wear a turban they aren't a good person and thusly you should not aspire to date them